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Positive attitude aviation (PAA) has what it takes to get you in the sky safely. PAA instructors are courteous, top-class professionals who will work with you to get you all you need to know about aviation and to be in the sky. I am currently working with my cfi slava on my ppl. I passed the written exam already and I cannot wait to take on my check ride.
If you are not totally sold on starting your flying lessons, try PAA’s discovery flights. You will want to start flying right away after that flight. I highly recommend PAA because their prices are great, plus the management and instructors really take good care of their airplanes and customer



Epic! I accidentally found the flight school online and thought it might be awesome to take a friend up. It was! I’ve always wanted to fly, since I was a kid. So this was definitely on my bucket list. Jack and tyler at p.A.A. Were great. Very good communication and were always happy to answer questions. They spent the time to explain what everything was and what everything did as we ran through the flight checklists. I was curious about everything, so I asked a lot of questions as we did. My friend got to fly this time, but I’m going back to learn myself!



The team at P.A.A. Are very professional and easy to communicate with. The flight experience was a lot of fun for two newbies. We’d recommend PAA to anyone looking for a new experience!



It was a birthday present for my husband, who is an aerospace engineer. He was impressed by the service and experience in general! He can’t wait to fly more! I would highly recommend!



Very exciting first-time experience! I tried a 30 min fly with joe on a 175 skylark, great flight, spectacular view over at 2,300ft elevation. Super nice people nice communication. Everyone should try this!!



A great flight school built with dedicated staff. The aircraft are kept in pristine condition and overall I had a great experience with positive attitude aviation, surely recommend this to anyone.



An amazing experience! I took a 1-hour flight lesson (it was my first time). Booking was super easy. Everyone was extremely helpful and friendly. The pilot/ instructor (slava) taught me about everything even down to checking the plane before taking off. He was warm, professional, engaging and made me feel super comfortable. I couldn’t have wished for a better experience. I would highly recommend checking them out!! Went up for my birthday but I will be back! 🙂



Two times up, two phenomenal flight experiences! Staff is professional and very accommodating. I highly recommend this experience, and this company, for anyone considering trying a flight lesson for the first time, as a co-pilot!! But don’t be surprised if you decide afterwards to return to fly again, and again. Amazing!


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